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Pakistan: Ahmadiyya prayer center Ewan-e Tauheed under attack from terrorists

The clerics used leaders of the local trade unions and prominent members of the Punjab Muslim League (N), the ruling political party in the Punjab, to advance their call.

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Source/Credit: Ahmadiyya Times reports
By Imran Jattala | February 24, 2012

Pakistan’s banned terrorists group JuD sponsored a mob of nearly one thousand locals who moved in today to evict Ahmadis from Ewan-e Tauheed, the Ahmadiyya prayer center in Rawalpindi, not very far from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

The members of the Ahmadiyya community in Rawalpind have lived at the edges of anxiety since the ruckus first started several weeks ago to ‘ban and vacate’ the Ahmadiyya prayer center in Satellite Town area.

A rally was held in January that had issued warnings of ‘dire consequences’ to Ahmadis and their administration.

With cover from the Punjab police the mob again showed up at Ewan-e Tauheed and demanded all security measures be removed from the prayer center.

Local police obliged the terrorists and removed the CCTV cameras from the vicinity of the prayer center.

With lessons learned from the two Ahmadiyya mosques bombing by terrorists in May 2010, which killed 87 worshipers on the spot, Ahmadis have adopted stricter security measures by erecting barricade and installing security cameras at their various locations.

Terrorist groups have decried Ahmadis’ self-protection measures and continuously demand that Ahmadis, having been declared ‘infidels’ by the Muslim state, should not be granted rights to self defense.

The mob gathered at Ewan-e Tauheed raised slogans, shouting ‘Death to Ahamdis’ and ‘Long-live the end of prophethood.’

Protester after protester asserted Ahmadis ‘should understand their status [auqa’at],’ and ‘live accordingly.’

While explaining what is meant by ‘live accordingly,’ protesters had choice words for the Ahmadiyya community and their elders that cannot be repeated here.

“They shouldn’t worship like Muslims do. That is the law,” one protester explained. “They should not worship at all actually, because that is only Muslims’ right; so government should not protect them here.”

Allowing Ahmadis to exercise their right to self-defense, the anti-Ahmadi clerics theorize, is tantamount to their preferred treatment.

The call to attack Ewan-e Tauheed was made by several well-known anti-Ahmadiyya militant clerics after aligning themselves with banned terrorist groups such as Jama’at-ud Da’wa.

The militants used leaders of the local trade unions and prominent members of the Punjab Muslim League (N), the ruling political party in the Punjab, to advance their call.

The Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan has repeatedly raised concerns over the rising excitement in the Satellite Town.

“We have been saying it from last many weeks that the right of prayer and congregation of Ahmadis is in grave danger in Rawalpindi,” the Ahmadiyya community said in a statement emailed to the media outlets.

Although the threats were known to the local police and well covered in national daily newspapers, how then, the Ahmadiyya representative wondered, “…the mob managed to gather right at the door step of our community centre in Rawalpindi.”

“They did all what they normally do, abuse and chant anti Ahmadiyya slogans,” the Ahmadiyya statement said. “But where they crossed the line was the removal of security cameras from the premises of community centre.”

“First the barricades were removed and now the security, what would be next?” the statement further read.

Are they in for a Lahore-like massacre again, many Ahmadis have wondered.

The Ahmadiyya community in their statement reiterated the resolve and the pledge that “despite threats to their security the Ahmadis shall never compromise their right of worship in front of the One and Almighty Allah.”

 — Pakistan: Ahmadiyya prayer center Ewan-e Tauheed under attack from terrorists
 — Ahmadiyya Times
 — by Imran Jattala – Follow on twitter @IJattala

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