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Pakistan: Respected Ahmadi man dead, vicious police torture comes to light

The community demands, says Saleem ud Din, that “the culprits in uniform who are behind the extra judicial murder should be brought to justice so people could have faith in the police department.”

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Source/Credit: Ahmadiyya Community
By Imran Jattala | March 30, 2012
Last updated: 12:50 (PST)

[Update] – Pakistan’s private news channel, Dunya News, reports that Chaniot DPO has taken notice of the teacher’s death after the news of the police torture broke out. The TV channel firther reports suspension of 6 policemen, pending investigation.

Rabwah, Pakistan: A well respected member of the Ahmadī community died on Friday after suffering serious physical injuries when tortured by the local police in Rawbah Pakistan.

According to the details made available by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Pakistan, the arrest and torture of Mr Qudoos came about after one Mohammad Yousaf, a paper seller, was murdered in Nusrat Abad area of Rabwah.

Mr. Qudoos, who was a local president of the community for the Nusrat Abad area, was picked up by the local police during their murder investigation and falsely included as a possible suspect in the case.

Further according to the reports he was savagely tortured for 16 day by the police and released by signing a blank paper and with his family pledging he will be available if police wanted him for questioning.

Mr. Qudoos was admitted for treatment in a local hospital where doctors continuously attempted to save his life in vain.

He died from multiple organ failure due to enormous internal injuries and extensive internal bleeding, it has been reported.

Ahmadiyya Times has learned that the victim who was taken into custody without with any legal paperwork and proper authority, was “investigated” without any remand granted by a court of law.

The arrest was made without a warrants and custody was without completing any legal paperwork, Ahmadiyya Times has further learned.

The illegal custody accompanied by torture, some legal expert have already started to assert, resulted in the extra-judicial murder of Mr. Qudoos.

Victim Qudoos, who was 43 years old and employed as a teacher by the local school system, has left behind a widow, four children and elderly parents.

The national spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya community Pakistan, Mr. Saleem ud Din says their community is in “profound grief and sorrow over this innocent loss of life.”

While Mr. Ahmad Yousuf’s murder is sad and requires proper investigation, says Mr. Saleem ud Din, “police has no right to pick up any person of their choice and subject them to extra judicial torture.”

The community demands, says Saleem ud Din, that “the culprits in uniform who are behind the extra judicial murder should be brought to justice so people could have faith in the police department.”

The lax attitude by the Shareefs’-led government in the Punjab – and their political party, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Shareef group) – towards the persecution of Ahmadis – and sometime a direct participation by their political leadership in abusing Ahmadis – has been highlighted in many media outlets and human rights organizations over the years.

  — Pakistan: Respectable Ahmadi man dead, vicious police torture comes to light
  — Ahmadiyya Times
  — Imran Jattala: Follow on Twitter – @IJattala

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