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Kony 2012: Pakistan edition

The following excerpts are taken from an article entitled “Kony 2012: Pakistan edition” published in Daily Times Pakistan. The text is not in the order as it appears in the original article.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int’l Desk
Source/Credit: Daily Times | Pakistan
By S Azam Mahmood | April 15, 2012

Comments such as “Kony first: Pakistan next” legitimize the fact that we are putting what is an international fad before what has been home for our entire lives.

We live in a country with far too many Konys but we don’t seem to care. I cannot begin to comprehend how or why we are willing to blind ourselves from the pain and suffering in our country. And I cannot wrap my head around how people are now beginning to justify their ignorance.

Here’s what I cannot get myself to understand: we live and breathe atrocities every single day.

We witness the havoc and extreme violence when Pashtun and the Urdu-speaking people let Karachi fall in flames.

We stand and watch, dumbly, as Ahmadi places of worship are destroyed and are treated as second-class citizens.
We sign our passports every few years, admitting that Ahmadis are non-Muslims when our own religion explicitly tells us that we have no right to determine that.

We watch as minorities are degraded and persecuted in our own backyards, and yet we are too cowardly to question it.

Salmaan Taseer was brave enough to oppose a law many of us disagree with and was shot dead for doing so. And we, the nation that claims to crave change, don’t want to struggle for it.

Read original post here: Kony 2012: Pakistan edition

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