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UK: Criminal gang of Pakistani-British Muslim men bring insult to Islam, Prophet Mohammad

“Well, it was pretty apparent that the British National Party, the English Defense League, the North West Infidels and the Combined Ex-Forces are having a field day here at the expense of the Muslims and Islam.”

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By Imran Jattala | May 11, 2011

9 Muslim men from Rochdale, 8 of whom are of Pakistani origin, were sentenced to a total of 77 year for ‘child sex grooming’ in the UK yesterday.

The gang operated and groomed under-age white girls for up to a decade, the Daily Telegraph has revealed.

Judge Gerald Clifton, who presided over the trial, dismissed defendants’ claims that prosecution was ‘triggered by race’.

According to the Judge, gang preyed on girls, aged between 13 and 15, partly because they were from a different ‘community and religion.’

Judge Clifton said ‘the girls had been raped ‘callously, viciously and violently’ after being attracted by ‘flattery, free food and alcohol’.’

The Daily Mail wrote that the experts on pedophilia say street grooming by Muslim men is a real problem and the judge has made it clear “he believed religion was a factor.”

During the trial it was learned that opportunity to catch the pedophiles was missed four years ago and while these nine men are now in jail for a total of 77 years, police preparing to arrest at least four more.

A Former Labour MP, Ann Cryer claims that gang was left to it because police looked the other way fearing being branded as racist.

 According to Daily Mail, as many as 47 vulnerable girls were victimized who were first provided with alcohol, gifts and money; and later passed around for sex – with ‘several men a day.’

 At least one of the victims was forced to have sex with at least 20 men in one night, police said during the trial.

While the nine men from Rochdale were being sentenced, many right-wing demonstrators outside the courthouse carried printed banners that read: “Our Children Are Not Halal Meat”.

A Muslim leader admitted that some British Pakistani men ‘think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought’, The Daily Mail wrote.

A recent research, examining 18 trials, showed that of the 56 people found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child, 53 were Asian and of those, 50 were Muslim, predominately members of the British Pakistani community.

Even in crime, the Muslim criminals used their religion to selectively target non-Muslim victims for their crimes.

The revelation about the gang shocked many Muslims and many expressed embarrassment.

Mohammd Nadeem, an American student visiting the UK was taken aback by the charges against the Muslim men and the right-wing demonstrations outside the court house.

“Well, it was pretty apparent that the British National Party, the English Defense League, the North West Infidels and the Combined Ex-Forces are having a field day here at the expense of the Muslims and Islam, ” Nadeem said.

Dr. Bashart Nazir, the national spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, UK, also expressed his disgust loudly.

“How dare they blame racism?,” wrote Dr. Nazir in the social Media. “They have brought dishonour to British Muslims and Pakistan.”

Following up on the story via an email to Ahmadiyya Times, Dr. Nazir took issue with the general Muslim mindset of considering non-Muslims a fair game.

“This is a horrible story and I’m very upset that Muslims could do this, wrote Dr Nazir. “They selected victims who were not Muslims and not of Pakistani community, which they then thought were kind of kosher and fair game.”

Dr. Nazir said Muslims in Britain are complaining why press identified them as Muslims and Pakistanis.

“Instead of owning up the issue squarely and disowning these guys wholly they are blaming others,” Dr Nazir again wrote.

Mullah issued edict in Pakistan: Non-Muslim women kosher for locals

A Muslim mindset

Recently, a Pakistani cleric issued a fatwa declaring non-Musim women working for NGOs a legitimate target for forcefully taking into marriage without fear of retribution and the law.

 Mullah Abdul Haleem, a former member of the national assembly, issued an edict stating local men are allowed to forcefully take the women working for the foreign non-governmental organizations.

“How we treat our women, or when we kill them for honour, is our cultural and religious matter,” Mullah Haleem wrote in his edict ordering killing of women who are seen with unrelated men.

Mullah Haleem – who was a teacher of several prominent clerics of the area, including Maulana Samiul Haq, Maulana Anwarul Haq and Mufti Nizamud Din Shamzai – declared that he finds women education unnecessary and he will work for turning girls schools into stables for the horses.

Back in London, Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party and a Member of the European Parliament, ridiculed Muslims, Islam and went on to include the Holy Qur’ān and the Holy Prophet Mohammad.

“The mass street grooming of young girls from the English community is only being carried out by Muslims,” Griffin asserted. “ All the pedophile groomers in this particular sort of crime – on the street, in gangs – are Muslims.”

“That’s the common denominator,” he touted strongly .

Mulsims provided the opportunity and Nick Griffin obliged – taking it to the extreme, not sparing even the the Holy Qur’ān, are the Holy Prophet Mohammad.

According to The Independent, Griffin’s poisonous rhetoric included wrapping Sharia into the scandle.

“You only have to read the Koran or look at the Hadith – the expressions of what the Prophet did in his life– to see where Muslim pedophilia comes from,” Griffin stated. “Because it’s religiously justified so long as it’s other people’s children and not their own.”, the Independent quoted him as saying.

While sentencing the Rochdale gang, Judge Gerald Clifton had made it clear that religious and cultural issues played a part for the accused in the commission of their crimes.

“All of you treated [the victims] as though they were worthless and beyond respect,” he told the men. “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

  — UK: Criminal gang of Pakistan-British Muslim men bring insult to Islam, Prophet Mohammad
  — Ahmadiyya Times
  — By Imran Jattala. Folloe on Twitter: @IJattala

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