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The Lahore Massacre: "I’m a Writer, Not a Fighter" by Amjad Mahmood Khan

The May 2010 Lahore attacks occurred on 28 May 2010 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, during Friday prayers. 86 people were killed and more than 120 were injured in nearly simultaneous attacks against two places of worship of the minority Ahmadiyya Community.

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Source/Credit: Amjad Mahmood Khan
By Amjad Mahmood Khan | May 28, 2010

[Editorial preface] In a meticulously planned attack on 28 May 2010, sectarian terrorists slaughtered Ahmadi worshippers who had assembled for the Friday prayers in two major Ahmadiyya mosques in Garhi Shahu and Model Town of Lahore. The absence of any effective police presence and the delayed intervention by them enabled the terrorists to succeed in their gory operation, as planned. According to the final count, based on burial statistics, 86 worshippers died. One hundred and twenty four were injured.

This was the single most barbaric attack on the Ahmadiyya community; more people were killed in a single day than in the past 16 years put together.

The following poem was composed two years ago by Amjad Mahmood Khan of Los Angeles California regarding the events of May 28, 2010.

Daylight breaks; the headlines scream —
Mosques attacked; a deadly scheme.
Oceans apart; my sinking heart —
Bodies strewn; the innocent depart.
Who am I to a country gone cold?
To extremists bereft of mind and soul?
I’m an Ahmadi; I’m not a stranger.
I’m a writer; I’m not a fighter.

Lahore awakens; the 28th of May —
A mother weeps while her children lay.
A hundred martyrs from the bullets’ rounds —
Their blood still cries from the hallowed grounds.
Who am I to the injured and the worn?
To the father and the brother; to the families torn?
I’m an Ahmadi; I’m not a stranger.
I’m a writer; I’m not a fighter.

Stirred hearts and awakened minds —
Millions watch; their emotions grind.
The attackers’ wish?  More blood on the floor —
Of bullets and grenades; of bombs and wars.
Who am I to the extreme and the barbaric?
Whose anger their ailment; whose murder their tonic?
I’m an Ahmadi; I’m not a stranger.
I’m a writer; I’m not a fighter.

Confusion reigns as the blood stains on the victims’ remains —
Witness reports; terrorists’ retorts; the police explains.
Calm prevails as the Ahmadis hail the Khalifa’s statement —
Of patience and prayer; of courage and containment.
Who am I to my beloved Imam —
Whose shield I fight behind from?
I’m an Ahmadi; I’m not a stranger.
I’m a writer; I’m not a fighter.

The law’s awry; hands are tied; the lies no one buys —
A cryptic defense; leaders grow tense; little surprise.
But justice is blind; the truth they will find; it’s Allah’s design —
We strive for what’s right; our pens our might; the enemies decline.
Who am I to my one true Jama’at —
Whose unity I derive my life from?
I’m an Ahmadi; I’m not a stranger.
I’m a writer; I’m not a fighter.

  — Amjad Mahmood Khan | Los Angeles, California USA | May 28, 2010

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