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Pakistan: Within one week, second Ahmadi man falls victim to target killing in Karachi

Victim, who was struck with two bullets to his head, was taken to Abbasi hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival, local Urdu newspaper Daily Jang has reported.

Mohammad Nawaz of Orangi Town, Karachi prepared for burial

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Source/Credit: Ahmadiyya Times
By Imran Jattala | September 12, 2012

An Ahmadi man was shot to death in Orangi Town in Karachi on Tuesday evening, it has been reported.

Mohammad Nawaz, a police constable,  was on his way to work around 8:30 pm local time near Orango Town No. 5, when two unidentified men riding on a motorcycle shot Mohammad Nawaz in a target killing style.

Victim, who was struck with two bullets to his head, was taken to Abbasi hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival, local Urdu newspaper Daily Jang has reported.

Originally hailing from Punjab, 44 years old Nawaz was posted with the local CID unit in Orangi Town.

After the funeral prayers, the dead body was sent for burial to his ancestral village near Sargodha in Punjab.

The deceased leaves behind a wife and 5 children.

This is the second murder within a week in a string of killings of Ahmadis in Sind, Pakistan.

“Two Ahmadis have been targetted in one week’s time in Karachi. Yet Pakistan claims to protect its minorities,” wrote Anwar Ahmad of Karachi, who first reported the incident via a Twitter post.

On September 6, 2012, Rao Mohahammad Ghaffar  was assassinated  in Liyari area of Karachi with two bullets to his neck and shoulder by two unknown assailants who sped away after the killing.

It is to be noted that since anti-Ahmadi laws were enacted in Pakistan, scores of Ahamdis have been killed, injured, their private properties destroyed and their places of worship demolished and damaged.

  — Pakistan: Within a week, second Ahmadi man victim of target killing in Karachi
  — Ahmadiyya Times
  — By Imran Jattala. Follow on Twitter: @IJattala
  — Initial report by Anwar Ahmad. Follow on Twitter: @Kunri
  — Picture, additional details by Waheed Meer, Karachi

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