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Pakistan: Fourth Ahmadi killed in Karachi in ten days

The killing comes at the heels of another murder yesterday of a young man in Malir area of Karchi. 
One Mr. Naveed, son of Mr. Sanaullah was killed in front of his house in Gulsan-e-Jami yesterday.

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By Imran Jattala | September 15, 2012

Another Ahmadi Muslim falls victim to target killing in Block 15 of Gulistan-e Juhar area of Karachi in Sind, Pakistan, it has been reported.

Fourth victim in a span of 10 days, Mohammad Ahmad Sidiqui, 23, was murdered at or near his place of business located in Johar Churangi area, some local witnesses have confirmed.

The murder took place late Saturday evening, between 9 and 11 pm local time, it was further reported.

Victim’s brother-in-law, 45 years old Shams Fakhri, was seriously injured during the attack.

Fakhri was taken to a hospital where he is listed in a critical condition with bullets wounds to his chest and legs.

According to a local newspaper, the two men were traveling together when sprayed with bullets near Jouhar Moor area.

The report in Urdu newspaper, Daily Jang, confirmed that the incident left one man dead and one critically injured.

According to some friends of the victim, Sidiqui converted to Ahmadiyya Islam about 8 years ago.

It is further reported that injured Shams Fakhri, Sidiqui’s brother in law, is grandson of Moulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi, an Islamic Scholar and one of the founders of the the Deobandi movement.

The killing comes at the heels of another murder yesterday of a young man in Malir area of Karchi.

One Mr. Naveed, son of Mr. Sanaullah was killed in front of his house in Gulsan-e-Jami yesterday.

Witnesses reported that Naveed’s murder also fit the pattern of a Target killing.

Mohammad Ahmad Sidiqui, 23, was murdered for his faith

The spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan, Saleemud Din, confirmed the incident via his social media posts on Twitter.

Saleemud Din sought prayers for the Ahmadis in Karchi saying, “They are paying with their blood.”

“Ahmadis of every town & city from Nawab Shah to Lahore & from Rawalpindi to Kahrian & from Faisalabad to Mardan may Allah keep them in aman,” Saleemud Din wrote.

  — Pakistan: Ahmadis attacked again; one killed, one seriously injured in Karachi
  — Ahmadiyya Times
  — By Imran Jattala. Follow on Twitter: @IJattala
  — Additional information by Anwar Ahmad. Follow on Twitter: @Kunri
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hero that proud to kill innocent people can only be a SATAN. Why don't they read Quran so they can have knowledge about it.

  2. ABDULLAH says:

    Wat abt 200 other muslims got killed in last 2 months in karachi???? Who killed them??? Please tell reason of them 100s ppl aswell….every single day 10 to 15 ppl are getting killed for no reason and you tellin us he got killed cuz of his faith??

  3. MyDaddy says:

    @ABDULLAH "..ppl are getting killed for no reason.." NO REASON? Is your stupid brain in a freezer? No wonder it is an effing mess in your country because idiots like you think people are being killed for 'no reason'. Wake up you jackass and learn the reasons…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ahmed you will always in my heart … He had Nikah last week … My innocent brother

  5. ABDULLAH says:

    For no reason means " inocent ppl are getting killed " and language you used im sure you must me Qadiyani aswell….May Allah show you rite path : ) bless

  6. Anonymous says:

    Reason is infront of ur eyes…….B/c u ppl support and laugh on the killings of innocent ahmadi muslims people….therefore it is God punishment to u and God warning to u to come to the right path otherwise Allah's punishment will destroy u

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