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Video: The Two Faces of Tahir Ul-Qadri

Watch the imam’s calm, benevolent English-language face utter all the soothing bromides that his Western listeners long to hear.

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Source/Credit: Europe News
By Gates of Vienna Blog | September 10, 2012

Ahmadiyya Times Note: The Danish minister for integration and social affairs, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), recently pulled out of a well advertised conference on religious radicalism in Copenhagen when she found out that one of the speakers, Mullah Tahir-ul Qadri ‘helped fashion Pakistan’s highly controversial anti-blasphemy laws.’

The minister issued a statement saying she will not share stage with the cleric that helped create the ‘black laws,’ it was reported.

“I am very angry at being connected with something that is so contrary to my views,” Hækkerup reportedly said. “Politically, I see no reason to take part in the debate. I think it is deplorable that he is coming.”

Jaleh Tavakoli, a member of City Council, wrote:
“The leader of Minhaj-ul-Quran, who is expected to speak at the conference in Copenhagen, is a proponent of, and has actively participated in, the process of Islamisation that lead to the type of legislation that the girl is being charged under. Simply put, he has been a legal adviser in connection with [Pakistan’s] establishing of Sharia law and blasphemy laws which could mean death for many Christians, atheists and Muslims.”

From Europe News:

The Danish report below shows the two faces of Pakistani Imam Tahir Ul-Qadri, one for at home (in Urdu), and the other for when he goes out visiting among the kuffar (in English). Needless to say, the two faces say completely different things.

Watch the imam’s calm, benevolent English-language face utter all the soothing bromides that his Western listeners long to hear. …

But the Urdu-speaking firebrand — that’s another matter entirely.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Read original post here: Video: The Two Faces of Tahir Ul-Qadri

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