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Time calls for the great awakening of the Muslim world

I know that the Muslim world stands by me when I say that if Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was alive at this time he would have never done any protest such as that happening around the world.

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Source/Credit: The Barkley Daily Planet
By Ramlah Malhi | September 23, 2012

At this time of distrust and chaos around the world especially in the Middle East the Muslim world needs to remember the time when the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon Him) was stoned in the city of Taif and bled to the extent that his shoes were soaked with blood. At that time Angel Gabriel came to him saying that at Prophet’s one word he had the ability and permission from God to join the two mountains and crush the people who lived between them. What did our injured Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) say? ‘NO’. He showed patience and forbearance because God will help the same people come to the right path. If our most honored and respectable Prophet can forgive the people who caused his blood to stain his clothes and shoes then who are we to take revenge on others?

The main point of this film and cartoons like it in the past is to provoke Muslims to act in the way that this provocative propaganda predicts. Muslims need to stay strong and even though it is tough it is the way of our beloved Prophet (pbuh).

It was the same Prophet who said a thousand times to love and care for your neighbors. Then who are we to go burn down embassies and cause a chaos on our streets and be a problem to our neighbors and fellow humans?

It was our beloved Prophet who told us to love and care for our guests because they are a blessing and honor from our God upon us. Then who are we to murder innocent people such as the US ambassador and diplomats who are guests in the country?

It was our beloved Prophet who said that even if one is at war he or she should not hurt the plants and the trees. It was our beloved Prophet who said to pick up a banana peel or a stick or any such obstacle from a street that can cause harm to another. Then who are we to block streets and protest by burning others’ cars, by abusing others’ property, and stopping one from proceeding to his or her work.

I believe, as a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA which wholly condemns the violence in Libya, Egypt, and the Middle East, am not alone in saying that it is upon the Muslim community on the whole to stand up at this hard time to truly portray the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad when it is hard to do so when our feelings are hurt. This is the time to depict the true teachings and show that all the things that the hateful film and cartoon portray are wrong.

If we keep this horrific routine in all the Muslim countries then we are no better than what we condemn. I know that the Muslim world stands by me when I say that if Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was alive at this time he would have never done any protest such as that happening around the world. Then it is upon us to keep his tradition and teachings alive and stop this insanity and show the world that we are the true followers of the most beloved, humble, respectful, forgiving, and respectable man. It is now time more than ever to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) rather than giving into these baits. Muslims need to be an example to others that what these films and cartoons portray is wrong. We need to follow the Koran and the Prophet when it is said for Muslims to walk away from those insulting their faith and pray for them and ourselves.”

Read original post here: Time Calls for the Great Awakening of the Muslim World

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