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Pakistan: LHC directs govt to block blasphemous sites

The petitioner prayed to the court that the relationship of ‘absolute servility’ between Pakistan and the United States should be banned while the government should be directed to take the matter of blasphemy in the international court of justice.

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Source/Credit: The Frontier Post
By F.P Report | October 19, 2012

LAHORE: Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday directed federal government to block all blasphemous sights [sic] and material on Google and other websites.

The judge placed this order on petition filed by Jamat-e-Islami. The judge ordered federal government to file its reply by November 08. The petition was filed by JI leaders Liaqat Baloch and Farid Ahmed Paracha seeking ban on all internet sites containing blasphemous material.

Meanwhile, on another petition seeking directions for federal government to take the matter to the international court of justice, the LHC issued order to federal government to submit reply within three weeks. Justice Sagheer Ahmad Qadri of LHC was hearing the case. As proceedings started in the court advocate A K Dogar, the counsel for the petitioners contended that US president Barak Obama however, strongly condemned the anti-Islam movie but also stressed upon the supremacy of the constitution that allowed all such activities and guaranteed freedom of expression.
A K Dogar argued that holocaust was banned all over the world including western countries and no one can speak and write about it and quoted German author and historian Ernst Zundel who was sent behind bars for speaking and writing on holocaust.

He said then why the western media and some anti-islam elements dared to speak against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and hurt feelings of Muslims all over the world. The counsel said the foreign policy of Pakistan should be based on Article 40 of the constitution which emphasized strengthening bonds with Muslims world and promoting global peace.

The petitioner prayed to the court that the relationship of ‘absolute servility’ between Pakistan and the United States should be banned while the government should be directed to take the matter of blasphemy in the international court of justice. He further prayed that that Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights had been violated owing to the movie so movie makers be prosecuted and convicted in the better interest of the humanity.

Notice issued to Governor SBP: Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday summoned Governor State Bank of Pakistan Yaseen Anwar on charges of ignoring an application of a former employee seeking seven percent inclusion of ‘cost of living allowance’ in the pension-able emoluments.

The judge placed this order on contempt petition filed by Ex-Chief Manager Amin-ud-Deen through his counsel advocate Muhammad Sharif. The petitioner submitted that the LHC had ordered authority concerned, the State Bank of Pakistan Governor to solve the issue but no action was taken on it. The petitioner said that the apex court had treated the cost of living allowance as pension-able emoluments. He pointed out that he had been retired from the service in 1996 and at of retirement he was drawing the said allowance but later it was not paid.

He prayed to the court that the said allowance should be included in the basic pay of the petitioner and differential amounts should be paid after recalculating the entire pension and other retirement benefits. He further prayed the court to initiate contempt proceedings against governor state bank for defying orders and asked him to implement the court orders. The court after hearing the initial arguments issued notice to the governor State Bank and adjourned further proceedings till October 23.

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