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UK: Dr Iftikhar Ayaz, OBE, nominated for Active Refugee Advocacy Award

Dr Ayaz is actively engaged with the UN High Commission for Refugees to achieve better living conditions, well-being and welfare of refugees. 

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | UK desk
Source/Credit: Grassroot Diplomat
By Statement | 20 October, 2012
Edited by Imran Jattala

London, UK: – Dr Iftikhar Ayaz, OBE, Consul General of the Tuvalu Islands, has been nominated for the first ever Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Awards.

According to a press release by Grassroot Diplimat, “the award looks to recognize outstanding diplomats and politicians in the UK for their dedication, commitment and selfless efforts in representing civilian matters at the highest level.”

Dr Ayaz – a well known International Human Rights activist  – has been Nominated under the Social Driver category.

Dr Ayaz is a vocal advocate for better living conditions, well-being and welfare of refugees and asylum seekers and he is actively engaged with the UN High Commission for Refugees.

“He brings with him grassroots stories from camps in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Malta to improve living conditions and protective rights with other civil servants,” the press release further stated.

“Grassroot diplomacy empowers the voiceless, defines a path for the hopeless, and restores faith to influencers,” said Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Director of Grassroot Diplomat. “The Initiative Award seeks to build trust again between the ‘us and them’ and bring people of all statuses together.”

The statement by Grassroot Diplomat said that ‘Dr Ayaz is committed to engaging the grassroots in its combined efforts to understanding their personal situation, and for this, his efforts are being recognized here.’

Dr Iftikhar Ayaz will be at the Vincent Rooms, Westminster, where an evening performance will be led by Euro-Vision Song Contest artist, Imaani.

For ticket information, please visit: www.grassrootdiplomat.org/awards.

  —  UK: Dr Iftikhar Ayaz OBE nominated for Active Refugee Advocacy Award
  —  Ahmadiyya Times
  —  by Imran Jattala. Follow on Twitter: @IJattala

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