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Canada: Ahmadi Mulsim women spreading the message of peace and belief

“We want people to be more comfortable with the religion of Islam. We want people to know Ahmadiyya Muslims like to be involved in the communities we live in.”

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Source/Credit: Calgary Herald | Neighbours
By Kathleen Renne | November 01, 2012

Mansoora Chaudhary is in something of a post-holiday frame of mind. Just last week, she, along with the rest of the Muslim world, celebrated Eid al-Adha, the celebration marking the end of the hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

During the celebration, special religious services, family visits, dinner parties and the sacrifice of animals to commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, to God, take place.

“There is an air of celebration during Eid,” says the Canadian-born mother of three.

While Chaudhary celebrates this religious holiday like all other Muslims, what sets her apart within the wider Islamic nation is she belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, which believes the Messiah, foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, already arrived in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who was born in Qadian, India, in 1835.

“By that time, many people had forgotten the real teachings of Islam,” says Chaudhary. “Mirza came to revive Islam.”

Today, Ahmadiyya Muslims live in more than 200 countries. Chaudhary estimates about 2,000 Ahmadiyya Muslims live in Calgary. They have one mosque in Calgary – the Baitun Nur mosque. Chaudhary, herself, is a general secretary of the northwest branch of the Calgary Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

Like most Ahmadiyya Muslims in Calgary, she is of Pakistani origin, as Pakistan was the movement’s original headquarters. However, due to persecution in Pakistan, the community’s spiritual leader now lives in England.

While Chaudhary is not aware of any problems in Calgary, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has faced persecution elsewhere. In keeping with the peaceful beliefs of the Ahmadiyya community, Chaudhary says the response of her fellow Ahmadis following the attacks was “to pray, to be steadfast and patient.”

Chaudhary says spreading this message of peace is one of the most important tasks the Ahmadi-yya Muslim community does in Calgary. To that end, they hold semi-annual peace campaigns, during which community members go door-to-door delivering flyers.

Last week, Chaudhary organized a community awareness event – coupled with henna painting and nail art – to inform people of the community’s existence and, also, to help women get a jump-start on adorning themselves in preparation for Eid.

“For people who come to these events, a lot of their misconceptions about Muslims are cleared,” says Chaudhary. “A lot of people think women are oppressed, but we have capable and educated women within our community who are doctors, lawyers, engineers and journalists.

Chaudhary says members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Calgary “just want to be a part of this community and this country.

“We want people to be more comfortable with the religion of Islam,” she says. “We want people to know Ahmadiyya Muslims like to be involved in the communities we live in.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community has founded the non-profit organization Humanity First, which sends volunteer doctors and nurses to places of natural disaster or where relief efforts are underway. A fundraising dinner will be held Nov. 3. For info, call 403-874-4787 or visit islamevents.ca/calgary.

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