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Humanity First USA Continues Responding to Hurricane Sandy

In one of many recent efforts, Humanity First assisted New Jersey Senator Diane Allen with a project to distribute around 30 tons of food in impacted communities near Manahawkin, New Jersey. Over 80 Humanity First volunteers joined Senator Allen to organize and distribute the items to the storm ravaged areas on Jersey Shore.

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Source/Credit: Humanity First – USA | Press Release
Edited By Ahmadiyya Times | November 17, 2012

Volunteer based organization continues to provide relief efforts to thousands after devastation

Queens, New York, USA – , Ever since Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast of the United States, on October 29, claiming over 100 lives and impacting the lives of millions, volunteers from Humanity First USA have been working continuously to help rebuild the devastated communities.

According to a press release by the nonprofit organization, approximately 3700 individuals have received warm meals, supplies have been distributed to hundreds of homes and over 50 houses have been provided with major and much needed clean up assistance through Humanity First volunteers.

The Humanity First disaster relief team is primarily based out of the command center in Queens, New York, the press release said.

“[The team] has been working in some of the hardest hit areas, including Jersey Shore, Lower Manhattan, Howard Beach, Staten Island, and Breezy Point,” the organization said. “Humanity First leadership has been meeting with local authorities and other organizations nearly every day in both New York and New Jersey to efficiently provide their services.”

The press release said that dozens of volunteers have traveled from across the States and Canada to join Humanity First in providing clean-up, donations, warm meals, and other basic supplies to thousands of victims.

“In addition to meeting short term needs of local residents, Humanity First has begun planning for long term community rebuilding projects,” the statement further stated.

Among the many recent efforts, Over 80 Humanity First volunteers assisted New Jersey Senator Diane Allen with a project to distribute around 30 tons of food in impacted communities near Manahawkin, New Jersey.

This weekend, Humanity First has been assigned with the overall management of several core recovery initiatives in Long Beach by the department of Homeland Security, Hurricane Sandy Response Team, Indiana District One.

“We may think that hurricane is over and life is back to normal, but the reality is that there are thousands of people out there whose lives are still not back to normal,” a Humanity First volunteer from New Jersey stated. “…and it will be a long time until they are.”

“We cannot and should not forget them.”

This very statement is driving the efforts of the Humanity First disaster relief team, and they continue to plan and organize projects.

Humanity First has responded worldwide to many disasters in recent years, including the famine in north east Africa, Japan tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan floods.

In post disaster phase, Humanity First has also built local infrastructure and community development projects to alleviate poverty in these areas.

Humanity First USA is accepts donations at http://usa.humanityfirst.org.

For those who are interested in joining the team on the ground, please email volunteerteamusa@humanityfirst.org to register as a Humanity First volunteer.

CONTACT: Saifra Khan, Media Relations Coordinator, Humanity First USA
saifra.khan@us.humanityfirst.org – 1-877-994-3872

  — Humanity First USA Continues Responding to Hurricane Sandy

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