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Innocence of Mohammad: Holy Prophet’s mercy and kindness to his enemies

Let us not seek to cause conflict among the peaceful people and nations by printing and publishing blasphemous articles about any holy personages.

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By Iman Shamshad A. Nasir | November 18, 2012

God sent His messengers to demonstrate by example, their love, kindness and brotherhood and respect towards each other. I have collected a few examples of the Prophet Muhammad which demonstrate his kind treatment towards his enemies, some of which I now share with you.

Before Muhammad’s arrival in Medina, a man named Abdullah bin Obey was emerging as the joint leader of all. However, after Muhammad’s arrival things changed as he was appointed Leader of Medina. This enraged Abdullah to the degree that he plotted to destroy Muhammad. Upon returning from an expedition, he decided to take revenge on Muhammad by claiming that the noblest among them (referring to himself) would turn out in disgrace, the meanest among them (referring to Muhammad.) Abdullah’s son heard of this remark and sought permission from the Prophet to kill his own father, but he refused. Later when Abdullah, the chief hypocrite died, Muhammad wrapped his body with his personal shirt and led his funeral prayers.

On a daily basis, there was this naughty woman who would collect trash from her home and dump it on Muhammad, while he walked passed her house. The prophet never so much as gave her a mean look. He would just clean himself off then proceed to pray. One day as he passed her home she didn’t come out to throw her usual garbage at him. Puzzled, he inquired about her and was told she had fell sick. He went to see her and inquired about her health. When she saw him she felt very ashamed and thought of how disrespectful she acted against him yet there he was inquiring of her health. She changed her whole attitude and never threw any more filth at him. Of course he forgave her.

Muhammad once went to a town named Taif to preach the peaceful message of Islam. He was greeted not only with insults and mockery but with a hail of stones from the youths in the streets. His teeth broke and blood streamed down from his head to his toes. God then sent an angel to him saying, “If you wish, I can cause these two mountains to collapse and completely destroy this town and all these people in it” but Muhammad’s reply was, “No, I was not sent to kill but sent as a mercy; perhaps their future generations will accept the message”. So he forgave them and did not take a single action against them. Later of course many of these town folks joined Islam.

A Jewish lady, whose brother was killed in the battle, invited the prophet and some companions for a meal. As Muhammad put a piece of meat in his mouth, he immediately sensed that it was poisoned  and told his companions to stop eating, but one companion had already consumed some food. He later died. The Prophet inquired why she poisoned the food to which she replied “I thought if you were a real prophet it wouldn’t harm you but if you were just a king pretending to be a prophet I could rid people of you.” He forgave her immediately.

Once, after the Battle of Badr, Muhammad went to rest under the shade of a tree and hung his sword up on a branch. A Bedouin named Ghorus Bin Harris followed him and while he closed his eyes, drew his sword and stood over him and said “Get up Muhammad, who will save you from me.”? The prophet replied “Allah”, with so much power and conviction that Ghorus trembled and dropped his sword. The prophet then picked up the sword and asked him, “Now who will save you from me”?The man started shaking and fell to his knees and began to beg the prophet to forgive him which he did. Ghorus then accepted Islam.

These are but a few examples of the Master Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who treated his most bitter and hateful enemies with kindness and compassion. We should take a page out of his book and emulate his behavior in our dealings of those who persecute us.

Let us not seek to cause conflict among the peaceful people and nations by printing and publishing blasphemous articles about any holy personages. We should live with civility and help espouse peace rather than seeking to destroy and cause havoc amongst the decent citizens in the nation.

  —  Iman Shamshad A. Nasir, Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino, CA

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