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US: BHC Brotherhood Hosts Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

This friendly Muslim Community is Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s new neighbor located across the street in the spacious Slade Mansion, located on Park Heights Avenue.

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Source/Credit: Carroll County Times
By Community Times | November 14, 2012

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation brotherhood hosted special guest, Dr. Agha Khan, of the Admadiyya Muslim Community, the BHC and our Northwest community’s newest neighbor at its opening meeting!

This friendly Muslim Community is Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s new neighbor located across the street in the spacious Slade Mansion, located on Park Heights Avenue.

Dr. Khan is a Neurosurgeon, board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery, associated with Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates, a Center for Brain, Spine and Pain Disorders. Over the last twenty plus years, he’s been on the staff of Sinai Hospital. Consequently Dr. Khan knows a lot of people in our community!

Personable and friendly, Dr. Khan began his discussion stating, “It is an honor and pleasure to be among the capacity attendees at this meeting and look forward to getting to know everyone on a more personal basis.”

Quoting Dr. Khan’s belief, “knowledge is power and solution to many and maybe all problems of humanity. Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate and hate leads to violence. There is also innate desire to self preservation which is again a product of fear!” Well said and worth repeating.

He was so very sincere. Continuing to quote Dr Khan, “Knowing each others’ goals and beliefs or simple reason why they do, what they do, dispels the misunderstanding and fear and promote interaction leading to friendship!”

The Slade Mansion was purchased to use as a place for their mosque.

Their belief is in equality. No one is superior to another: white or black, tall or short, man or woman, except for righteousness!

Their sect of Islam was founded in 1889, and despite tremendous persecution, they maintain over a 100-year history of “non-violence” and are located presently in 202 countries including Haifa, Israel.

They have more than 50 mosques in most major cities. There are approximately 16,000 members in the United States and approximately 100 mosques in Baltimore. Their national headquarters is located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

They are a completely open society and everyone is welcome! They believe in divinity of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

The Slade Mansion Mosque will open after meeting all legal requirements. Currently it is being used for Auxiliary meetings.

Their holiday is Friday with services from 1:30-2:30 p.m. They have limited parking. However, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation has generously extended use of their parking lot to them. Dr. Khan and his congregation is appreciative!

Our new neighbors are gracious, kind, friendly, peace loving and have endured tremendous persecution. They have high regard and respect for Israel! There are approximately 16,000 members of this faith Muslims in Israel. They practice no violence.

The Ahmadiyya Muslims do the right thing, fighting against wrong! “Islam” means “PEACE!”

Concluding Dr. Khan’s interesting discussion was an open question session from many attendees.

Dr. Khan and his respectful and peaceful sect looks forward to being part of our Pikesville/Northwest community. As mentioned above, “Islam” means “Peace!”

Our community and this columnist do welcome the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to our Northwest corridor! L’Chaim!

BHC Congregation’s well known Chicken Flickers catered the tasty salmon and filet mignon dinner. The very helpful Chicken Flickers this evening included Phil Abraham, Larry Kobren, Art Kalisch, Buddy Frank, Richard Fishbein, Gary Aiken and BHC brotherhoods immediate past president, Joe Bocuzzi. Thanks Joe!

Among the capacity crowd at this interesting meeting were some of Dr. Khan’s friends, Hassan Khan, Khadim Shah, Halim Chaudbry. Plus Rabbi Andrew Busch, Hayley Mayer, Jill Petschek, Kathleen and Richard Gross, Joan Askin and Oscar Schabb, Ron Blumson, Greg Hill, Mandell Bellmore, Alvin Levi, Eddie Stringer, Art Rocklin, Essie Cohen, Florine Steinbach, Carol Caplan, Linda Litofsky, Thommie and Ted Williams, Marv Sakin, Marjorie and Lee Sachs, Dave Berenaus, Sandy Raskin, president, BHC sisterhood and many additional guest too numerable to list due to space limitations.

Thank you Dr. Agha Khan and members of his Muslim Community that attended, BHC brotherhood and guests, Chicken Flickers as well as Ted Williams, Sid Bravmann and Sid Rankin assisting at registration desk.

Daniel Mayer is president of the BHC Brotherhood. Rabbi Andrew Busch is spiritual leader BHC.

Read original post here: US: BHC Brotherhood Hosts Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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