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Germany: Dialogue and exchange of ideas between religions

For a peaceful living together in a society there should be help for each other and everyone  should be treated with respect and tolerance.

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Source/Credit: Volksfreund
By Volksfreund | November 28, 2012

(Adopted from Google translation of the article published by Volksfreund)

Mayor Joachim Rodenkirch visited the Ahmadiyya community’s Hamd Mosque which opened in 2000.

The Ahmadiyya community, which was founded in 1889 in India, is an Islamic reformist community within Islam.

The community says they practices the original peaceful Islam as the Prophet Muhammad taught.

It was the first time for Rodenkirch to visit the mosque.

He visited the site and conversations between the community and the Mayor developed.

The consensus: For a peaceful living together in a society there should be help for each other and everyone  should be treated with respect and tolerance.

Such encounters where dialogue and exchange of ideas takes place between religions, prejudices can be overcome and build friendships in communities.

It was stressed that the doors of the Ahmadiyya Mosque are always open for fellow citizens, it was emphasized.

The motto of the community is: Love for All, Hatred for None. red

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