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Pakistan: Ahmadiyya graveyard attacked, 100+ gravestones desecrated | Updated

The number of attacks on Ahmadi graveyards and desecration of Ahmadi graves  has steadily risen in Pakistan due to the government’s inaction.

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By Imran Jattala | December 3, 2012 (7:15am Pak Time)
Last updated at 12:15pm – (Pak Time)

Update: Ahmadiyya community confirms damage to 120 gravestones

According to reports appearing in the social media, over one hundred gravestones were desecrated in the city of Lahore in the Punjab province of Pakistan a few hours ago.

In social media reports tweeted by M Atif Khan (@eurekawesome), desecration of over 100 gravestone at Ahmadiyya graveyard in Model Town area took place around 3:00 AM local time.

Update: According to an unconfirmed report, there were about 15 attackers with covered faces who overpowered and kidnapped the security guard; and demolished as many as 119 gravestones.

Update #2: The information about the attack on the Ahmadiyya graveyard is confirmed by the Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan.

According to a press release issued by the Press Section of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, 10 to 15 people overpowered the on duty watchman and an undertaker present at the graveyard and subjected the pair to serious beating.

The attackers vandalized a total of 120 graves and destroyed the grave markers (Qatba).

At least 5 of the men who desecrated the graves were carrying weapons, eye witnesses have stated according to the media reports.

The local police’s attitude towards the incident, according to Ahmadiyya spokesperson, Salimud Din, is “incomprehensible” as no action has been undertaken to take notice of the crime.

The number of attacks on Ahmadi graveyards and desecration of Ahmadi graves  has steadily risen in Pakistan due to the government’s inaction.

During the month of August an Ahmadiyya graveyard was vandalized by policemen, who used black paint to cover up verses from the Quran inscribed on 64 graves in Mangat Ucha village of Hafizabad district, 90 km from Lahore.

  —  Breaking News: Ahmadi Graves Desecrated in Pakistan
  —  Ahmadiyya Times
  —  Via M Atif Khan: Follow on Twitter: @eurekawesome

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10 Responses

  1. Amin says:

    This is horrifying incident of mindlessness and fanaticism! We appeal to global Human rights organisations, UNHRC and especially to secular people of Pakistan to raise their voices against this to show that we live in a civilised world!

  2. Anonymous says:

    shame less pakistani Govt

  3. ASAD says:

    So sad news… Where is the humanity…?? Bus yeh log khuda k azaab ko khud lalkaar rhe hain ! May ALLAH show them the right path

  4. Anonymous says:

    Evil has overpowered goodness in Pakistan. It appears that God has migrated from the land. Its time that those who worship God sgould do all that they can to escape from this oven of evil forces… To wait any more for help to arrive from Heaven is a hopeless excersize.. Please all those who have some sanity and humanity left in them migrate to any non-muslim state where justice and kindness prevails.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mujahid ahmed siddiquiSo sad news …Jin logoo ne yeh harkat ki haa insha ALLAH in logoo par jalad azabb nazil karee gaa Insha ALLAH bohat jaldYeh dua ha har ahmadyee kii

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what type of "Islam" these fanatics follow – certainly it is not the one beautifully expressed by the Holy Prophet (saw) over 1400 years ago. No religion would ever condone such a loathsome act of sheer disrespect.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is not shameful incidence for these kind of people.Because they are preaching Islam.But I request all of them to think that whether it is true Islam.Because Islam teach tolerance,respect of religions and love with every creation.The Islam preaching by these kind of people spread hate which is given by Mullahs.Think on it before the time come when God's wrath come on you and don't give you time for forgiveness.

  8. S.mir says:

    Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It does not allow any kind of violence. But now a country that was founded on the name of Islam, is practicing such acts which are totally against the teachings of this faith. What can we expect from a country where there is no respect even for a dead enemy? People erase the same Kalima and verses from the Holy Quran, which they believe in, with their own hands. May God help them. Ameen.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not an Ahmadi myself, but I assure you such acts of violence are strongly discouraged across the entire fabric of Islam. It breaks my heart to see how someone would even think of dismantling the last remaining memory of another's loved ones. Such a cruel act only shows lack of education and tolerance, and in my person opinion has nothing to do with any personal ill feeling towards the cast of another person. People who come out on riots and protests, against the government on any given issue, and cause damage to civilian property; burn tyres and loot nearby shops have no personal sentiment to the cause. Their irrational way of reacting to the matter shows it is only the lack of education that fuels this. In the end, God Al-Mighty is the Absolute judge on the Truth. This is the strongest faith we must keep.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I knw that GOD will not leave His man

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