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Germany: Ahmadiyya Muslim community inaugurates mosque

The Ahmadiyya community, which describes itself as a reform-oriented and peaceful, claims to have about 30 000 members in Germany. About 2300 of whom live in Hamburg. 

Photo: Axel Heimken

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Source/Credit: 17:30 Sat.1
By Axel Heimken | December 5, 2012

Hamburg (dpa/lno) – The Ahmadiyya Muslim community has inaugurated a mosque in Hamburg’s Schnelsen Borough with two new minaret towers.

For the ceremony at the Bait-ul-Rasheed mosque in Hamburg -Schnelsen was the head of the religious community, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who arrived from London.

Among the hundred or so guests were representatives of the Hamburg Parliament and the German Bundestag, representatives of the Jewish and Christian communities, as well as local residents.

The Ahmadiyya community, which describes itself as a reform-oriented and peaceful, claims to have about 30 000 members in Germany.

About 2300 of whom live in Hamburg.

Read original post here: Muslim Ahmadiyya community inaugurates minaret towers

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