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Indonesia: Religious ministry rejects wedding services for Ahmadi citizens

Ahmad says, if Ahmadiyya community members want wedding services, they must be converted to Islam. If they insist they don’t want to convert to Islam, a marriage registration service will not be provided. 

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Source/Credit: Tempo News | Indonesia
By Erick Hardi, Ahmad Fikri, Harun | December 12, 2012

TEMPO. CO, Tasikmalaya -Religious Affairs Office (KUA) in the town of Tasikmalaya Regency and refused to marry their citizens who are the adherents of the Ahmadiyya Islam. The reason, the Ahmadiyya are not considered part of the religion of Islam.

“KUA will not serve the Ahmadiyya community for weddings. KUA serve only Muslims,” told the head of the Ministry of Religion in the town of Tasikmalaya, Ahmad Fathoni, to Tempo News, Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Ahmad stated his policy is inline with the decision of the three ministers who have declared that Ahmadiyahs are people gone astray.

According to Ahmad, the Central Government has yet to make specific rules about the weddings of the Ahmadiyya community members.

Ahmad says, if the Ahmadiyah community members want wedding services, they must first convert to Islam. If they insist they don’t want to convert to Islam, a marriage registration service will not be provided.

He stated that KUA offered wedding service to an Ahmadi citizens before, but those were annulled per [new] policies . “Registration of the last wedding for Ahmadi couple took place in February 2012,” he said.

Beginning last November, KUA Salawu, Tasikmalaya Regency, rejected marriage registrations for any couples from the Ahmadiyya community after an extremist group, Islamic Defenders Front, organized a mass demonstration against wedding services for Ahmadis couples.

They demanded that the term ‘Islam’ as a religion be removed from ID Cards of the Ahmadiyya community .

  —  Courtsey and Translated by Saira Nizami
  —  Edited by Ahmadiyya Times

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