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UK: Pakistani peer made Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen

Lord Ahmad formally assumed his duties alongside fellow Conservative ministers, LordGardiner of Kimble and Viscount Younger of Leckie after a private audience with her majesty at the Buckingham Palace.

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Source/Credit: The News | International
By Murtaza Ali Shah | December 19, 2012

[Ahmadiyya Times note] Lord Tariq Ahmad, a prominent Ahmadi Muslim from the UK, hosts a popular television program ‘Faith Matters’ on Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, International.

LONDON: A Pakistani origin House of Lords member has been made Lord in Waiting to the Queen Elizabeth II at her majesty The Queen’s household.

Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon has formally taken up his role at The Queen’s household. In this role, Lord Tariq will perform various duties of state, including the receiving of heads of states on behalf of her majesty.

Lord Ahmad formally assumed his duties alongside fellow Conservative ministers, LordGardiner of Kimble and Viscount Younger of Leckie after a private audience with her majesty at the Buckingham Palace.

Lord Tariq Ahmad, who was also appointed a government whip and front bench spokesman covering three departments — International Development, Justice and Communities & Local Government — becomes the first Lord in waiting to Queen Elizabeth II from the British Pakistani community.

Lord Ahmad was appointed to the Lords in January 2011 and since entering Parliament been an active member of the Lords having led and been involved in several international delegations. He was appointed to the Council of Europe in 2011 and has served as Vice Chairman of the All Parliamentary Groups for Indonesia, The Commonwealth and Faith & Society.

Prior to joining the government front bench, he had a successful City business career spanning over 20 years. A former national Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ahmad also has extensive experience of Local Government having served as an elected Councillor for 10 years in London.

Talking to The News, Lord Tariq said: “It’s a huge honour for me and I am truly humbled by the blessings Allah has bestowed upon me and my family. I owe everything I am to my parents, but their application to family, community and country is testament to the British Pakistani diaspora who are known for their hard work and commitment in making Britain the incredible place it is, whilst remaining true to their country of origin. In my roles in government, I shall Insha Allah strive to further strengthen the relationships between Britain and Pakistan, as both countries work together in not only tackling the challenges we face, but also availing the opportunities for further progress and prosperity on a bilateral basis.”

Read original post here: Pakistani peer made Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen

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