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Pakistan: Remembering two Ahmadi brothers killed for their faith

Being part of a minority isn’t enough a reason for anyone to get killed. In fact, no reason is enough when the Holy Quran equates the taking of even one human life with killing of the whole humanity.

Martyrs:  Maqsood Ahmad (L) and Mr. Manzoor Ahmad

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By Yasir Masood | December 19, 2012

It would seem quite of an achievement for someone to have lived at some place right from their birth, till the retirement serving the people the whole time with honesty, hard work and passion. However, things change up entirely when the people around start to treat others with hatred and fanaticism and a place once known for its peace and harmony turns into a land of bloodshed.

This is a story about an Ahmadi family living in Quetta, Pakistan for more than 3 generations. This is a story about a man who after giving his entire life to this place had to lift the funeral of both his sons in their early 30’s with just a gap of 25 days. The city which once peacefully inhibited people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and sects was now changing itself into a land where blood was shed daily in broad day light and nobody present to question it. They came here for a better livelihood and opportunities just like hundreds of thousands others who come from Punjab to earn their bread and butter.

Back on a Friday morning in mid 2009, I received a call from my mother telling me that ‘Maqsood bhai’, had been kidnapped. The family was involved in the construction business. We had known them since like always, had close family ties with them and they lived a few blocks away to our place. All of us were shocked as it was the first incidence that anyone close to us had to go through such an ordeal. However after negotiations with the abductors and a lot of prayers, a heavy ransom was paid and he was released after almost 2 weeks.

Things started to change after 2008 in Balochistan for the thousands of people especially those belonging from Punjab province and the Hazara tribe along with other minorities. The land many had thought of as land of opportunities has now turned into a Jungle with no protection for anybody. Many people are leaving Balochistan, there is a huge outflow from the province as the law and order situation is deteriorating on a daily basis. Those left behind, are living in a state of constant fear. They don’t know what’s going to happen to them the next day or the day after that.

Last month, on the 11th of November news came in that Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, the elder son had been shot dead right in front of his house while he was leaving for work. He was shot on his forehead at a point blank range. He was a great man with great qualities, someone who won’t be easily forgotten.
Extremism is on the rise throughout Pakistan, not even the dead are spared with their graves being desecrated and temples destroyed. Being part of a minority isn’t enough a reason for anyone to get killed. In fact, no reason is enough when the Holy Quran equates the taking of even one human life with killing of the whole humanity.

The suffering for the family didn’t end there when exactly after Twenty Five days on the 7th of this December, the younger brother Mr. Maqsood Ahmad was shot dead after he had dropped his kid to the school. He was shot with Four bullets right at his forehead. The family had planned to leave the city on the weekend that was to follow but he couldn’t make it till then. Mr. Manzoor Ahmad left behind three children and Mr. Maqsood Ahmad left two.

Imagine the suffering of each and every family who has been a victim of target and sectarian killing in both Karachi and Quetta in Pakistan. Imagine the impact these incidences leave on the minds of the young kids who are destined to become the future of our nation. The incidence of Mr. Maqsood Ahmad was luckily mentioned in the National Newspaper where so many tragedies are ignored. However, the cause of death was falsely stated. In the National daily it was stated that he was killed while resisting the snatching of his bike. Anybody who has spent even a little time in Quetta in the recent 3-5 years knows exactly what the reasons were with half the news of the city kept away from the rest of the world.

Like the rest of the hundreds of target killings happening throughout the country, the police don’t know who the killers are. One thing is for sure; they have not come from any foreign land or had training from any foreign expert. They are the people from amongst us and unluckily there is no place now in Pakistan which is out of their reach. May God have mercy on every soul.

  —  Pakistan: Remembring two brothers killed for their faith
  —  Ahmadiyya Times
  — By Yasir Masood

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