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Pakistan: Ehl-e Hadith faction demands face-off between Tahirul Qadri and Ibttsahm Elahi Zaheer

Several local leaders and journalists confronted Qadri with his several past statement recorded at different times playing on both sides of the matter depending on the audience he faced.

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By Imran Jattala | December 27, 2012

Karachi: The national spokesperson for the Pakistan Ehl-e Hadith faction, Hafiz Mohammd Ali has demanded that the ‘on again – off again’Pakistani mullah Tahir Qadri must face their leader Abtisham Alahi in a debate.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Kacha-Pakka‘ (half-baked) scholar from the Ehl-e Hadith faction, Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer  also doubles as a vocal leader of an Islamist extremists group ‘Khatima-e Nubuwwat, who prints and sends out death threat pamphlets to prominent members of minority groups in Pakistan.

Mullah Tahirul Qadri, who is reported to have become a Canadian citizen now, claims credit for spearheading the movement for the passage of the infamous blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

An alarm to many, Qadri recently returned to Pakistan and surprised competing mullah with a massive rally held at Minar-e Pakistan in Lahore.

Reportedly Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer had thrown a challenge to Qadri for a “Manazra” (public debate) in efforts to humiliate Qadri for his flip-flop style statements.

Joined by other leaders of their faction including Hafiz Mohsan Saeed, the Ehle-e Hadith group accused Qadri of dishonesty and hiding behind his workers to avoid the long-challenged debate.

Qadri was recently caught in an internationally publicized string of lies about his stance on the Pakistani blasphemy laws when he had tried to pass himself off as a moderate at a conference in Denmark.

Several local leaders and journalists confronted Qadri with his several past statement recorded at different times playing on both sides of the matter depending on the audience he faced.

According to Jang Urdu News, the Ehl-e Hadith leaders blame Qadri for unduly boasting in his slogans that he is not for politics but to save the country.

By ‘no politicking’ if he meant ‘yes politicking,’ the Ehl-e Hadith groups said, Qadri needs to come clean and explain why is he jumping in the politics again?

  — Ehl-e Hadith faction demands face-off between Tarul Qadri and Ibttsahm Elahi Zaheer
  —  Ahmadiyya Times
  — By Imran Jattala. Follow on Twitter: @Ijattala

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