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India: 121st. Ahmadiyya Muslim Annual Convention Held

The Ahmadiyya sect came into existence after the Ahmadiyya movement, an Islamic reformist movement, originating after the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahemed of Qadian (1835-1908) in the year 1989.

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By Manan Siani | January 3, 2013

Religious freedom offered by India has made it a favourable destination of migration for the Ahmadiyya Muslims of Pakistan, some delegates attending the 121 Annual Convention of the community here said. The three day convention is being held at their headquarters in Qadian.

Syed Tanveer Ahmed, the President of Press committee Qadian said, that the first jalsa was held in 1891 with only 75 members attending it however in the 121st annual convention more than 20 thousand people participated hailing from 32 countries including USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Germany, Canada, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The Ahmadiyya sect came into existence after the Ahmadiyya movement, an Islamic reformist movement, originating after the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahemed of Qadian (1835-1908) in the year 1989.

Ahmadiyya delegates from Pakistan, Liyakat and Ashfaq Ahmed said that religious intolerance in Pakistan have forced the people of this community to migrate to other countries and regions in search of peaceful livelihood.

“Various governments which came to power after 1974 has only made life tougher for this community as their freedom to practice their faith has been curbed and the rise of fundamentalism has made life tougher by targeting their mosques and passing religious dictates against the Ahmadiyya people,” said one of the delegates.

Liyakat and Ashfaq further added, “We have been declared as Non-Muslims and our people are treated like second class citizens. We are not allowed to enter the mosques and give ‘Azan’ and on top of that, we are also refrained from offering our Namaz. On condition of anonymity a delegate from Jhang, Pakistan said, “The Pakistani government is influenced by religious leaders known as the Maulvis, who impose unreasonable Fatwas (juristic Muslim laws), which is then enacted by the local administration to harass the people of our community.”

Sheikh Mujahid Ahmad, Press Secretary said that 5272 delegates from Pakistan and more than 13 thousand delegates from India came to attend the annual convention.

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