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I read somewhere that ‘those who disagree with truth will persecute those who practice it.’ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community represents truths that stand in the way of many with upside-down motives.

Truth can be told in only one way – no two ways about it . To be able to bank on the truth, remember to go to the source; Ahmadiyya Islam.

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  • "And set not up with Allah any other God, lest thou be cast into Hell, condemned and rejected." (The Holy Quran, Ch17V40)- 17 hours ago
  • Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, "There is a fine line between diplomacy and wisdom and you must always remain on the side of wisdom."- 1 day ago
  • "And We saved those who believed and acted righteously." (The Holy Quran, Ch41V19) tilaw.at/41:19- 1 day ago
  • "As to those who believe and do good works, they will surely have a reward that will never end." (The Holy Quran, Ch41V9)- 2 days ago
  • Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, "You must never be fearful of the media or government or feel any form of complex."- 3 days ago
  • "And whoso strives, strives only for his own soul; verily Allah is Independent of all creatures." (The Holy Quran, Ch29V7)- 3 days ago
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